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Fauxworthy Podcast Episode 12: Special Guest/Comic Book Expert Malik Grady

by on December 27, 2015




We’ve got a jam-packed episode of The Fauxworthy Podcast for you over the holiday break! Bryan and Taylor bring on special guest and resident superhero comic book expert Malik Grady to discuss Jessica Jones’ stellar first season, the state of comic book entertainment, the latest “Batman v Superman” trailer and much, much more. [SPOILERS ahead.]

Here’s the timeline:

“Jessica Jones” Season One/Comic Book Origins 00:00-21:00

The Marvel Television Universe 21:00-31:45

State of Comic Book TV (we revisit “Supergirl”!) 31:45-38:13

“Batman v Superman” Trailer 38:13-47:37

Diversity in Comic Book Entertainment/”Captain America: Civil War” 47:37-58:05

Malik’s Top Three TV Shows of the Year 58:05-1:04:00

*It’s worth noting that this is Episode 12, despite what Bryan says in the opening. Old habits die hard.

Expect one more pod before the year is out with our top 10 lists. Remember, if you like the podcast, rate and review us on iTunes!

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