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Fauxworthy Podcast Episode 11: “You’re The Worst” Season Two Finale

by on December 11, 2015



Bryan and Taylor are back! And this week, they discuss the surprisingly hopeful ending of “You’re The Worst” Season Two and some of the beautiful bits of writing therein. [SPOILERS AHEAD, SO BEWARE!] First, they discuss the finale and break down how the B, C and D storylines played out and whether they were successful. Are some of the supporting characters too abrasive? Or too dumb? (0:45-12:55) More importantly, did the show stick the landing with the payoff to Gretchen and Jimmy’s season-long difficulties? (13:30-18:00) Then, they discuss what is next for “You’re The Worst” Season Three. Where will the show go from here? (18:00-20:15) Finally, Bryan and Taylor tease what’s left this year for the Fauxworthy Podcast (20:15-22:27). Only three episodes left, so stay tuned!

Here’s the link to the Stephen Falk piece we mentioned near the end:

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