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Podcast Wars: The Return of the Fauxworthy TV Podcast (PLUS Archives)

by on October 25, 2015

The long battle is over, at least for now. Fauxworthy Pic 2

As I mentioned a while back, SoundCloud was never going to be a permanent home for the Fauxworthy TV Podcast because we could only keep about four hours of content there at a time. Now, the podcast has a different, (and I think) more reliable home in the great

The move has been difficult, putting our content a couple weeks behind. We have been recording on Tuesdays, as usual. The podcasts just haven’t been uploaded until now.

On Oct. 6, Bryan and I had to take a sick day as we were overloaded with school-related work. (That was the week after our “Project Greenlight”/”Empire” episode.)

So, here’s the episode from Oct. 13, where we covered the shake-up in the culture writing corner of the internet, mourned the end of the Hollywood Prospectus Podcast and talked a little bit about the state of television. (Timeline in the video description.)

And here is Episode 7, from Oct. 20, where Bryan and I talked about “Nathan For You” and the debut of FX’s “Fargo” Season Two. (Timeline in the video description.)

Finally, here is the archive of all of the Fauxworthy TV Podcast episodes to date (there have been seven so far):

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

Taylor Gaines can be reached on Twitter @GainesTaylor. Bryan Faux’s handle is @fauxbj_88.

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