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Who Will Kill Walter White? Place Your Bets

by on August 11, 2013

What will be the final straw that leads Walt to his ultimate demise?

Is there really any other way that Breaking Bad can end? I can’t think of an ending in which Walter White surviving would be satisfying.

The show has quite clearly followed a trajectory that sticks to the story of Walter White and his decay from a simple chemistry teacher into a monster . And decay, destruction, or whatever it may be, typically doesn’t end with survival.

And judging from the flash-forward at the beginning of season five where Walt appeared to be running for his life while hiding in a Denny’s, I’d say it’s pretty clear there is not going to be a happy ending to Walter White’s story.

And while the destination may be entered into our GPS, the route is still calculating and there are several questions left to be answered. How will it happen? What will drive Walt to go into hiding? And what mistake will ultimately do him in?

But the most interesting question to speculate on is this: Who will kill Walter White? In honor of his meticulous approach to his madness, rather than doling out simple odds/betting lines, I’ll give out percentages for who I think is most likely to be the perpetrator. Nobody will be 99% pure like Walt’s product, but that’s the fun part.

25%-Hank20130811_112741 (2)

At this point, Hank seems like the odds-on favorite to be the one who pulls the trigger that kills Heisenberg.* He’s painstakingly chased the meth lord for almost five seasons, culminating with his partial breakthrough on the White’s crapper last fall. He’s emerged as the hero of the story, and it seems fitting that he would finish the job.

On the other hand, though, Vince Gilligan strikes me as someone who doesn’t typically do what is expected (i.e. everything about “Dead Freight”). Hank seems like the logical choice to be the one who kills Walt, achieving his goal of catching Heisenberg, but something about him makes me think it won’t happen. Even at Walt’s most vulnerable, I can’t see Hank building up the fortitude to kill his own brother-in-law. It would have to be an aggressive, gunfire-filled finale for Hank to kill Walt.

*By the way, does anyone remember what happened to the real Heisenberg? The famous German physicist died of cancer. 


From the beginning, Jesse has always been my pick to take down his mentor. In the early seasons, the tension between them was clear, and it always felt to me that a mentor/men-tee dynamic and face-off was the way it had to end. Their “There Will Be Blood”-style brawl in Season 4 may have been a grim foreshadowing of what is to come (Hint: Jesse won that fight). Aaron Paul’s brilliance also has me convinced that he is someone Gilligan can trust to carry out such an emotionally-packed conclusion.

The only question with Jesse is whether or not he could bring himself to kill again. He only killed Gale because he was left with no other choice, and he didn’t take the death of the young boy too well at the hands of Todd. The circumstances would have to be quite dire for him to have to hunt down Walt, but he is my pick to be the one who does it.


I think Skyler has the most to gain by being the one who kills Walt. She has tried to cope with the monster she helped create, and I think has handled the situation like any normal human would. She was uncomfortable with the proposition (naturally), decided she would help (for the family), and then immediately became extremely uncomfortable with it all.

She already made it clear she was waiting for the cancer to come back, and has shown a propensity for turning her back on people she does illegal business with (i.e. Ted). Walt dying of cancer would be a fairly disappointing way for the show to end, but in that case, I would credit Skyler and her recently discovered chain-smoking ways with the kill.


Walt doesn’t really seem like the type to turn the gun around and point it at the one responsible. He has shown time and again that he will do whatever is best for him at the cost of all others. I think he would take the fall from cancer before he took responsibility. It would probably take a massive moment of reckoning for him to realize how far he has fallen, and the circumstances would have to be extreme for him to pull the trigger on the gun that blows up Heisenberg.

8%-Someone Else

Under this category, I put all those who don’t deserve to kill Walt, that being Todd, Sylvia, Ted, or any other minor character or person we haven’t been introduced to yet. I could foresee (like anyone else) a situation that could lead to one of them pulling the trigger, but it wouldn’t feel deserved as far as I’m concerned.


Yeah, I know. Like Marie would ever kill someone. But, don’t forget the two most important things: She loves Hank, and she was once a serial thief. So, she has a propensity for illegal activity, and she’ll do anything for her husband.

Okay, maybe it’s a stretch, but there could be a sense of comedic satisfaction and family unity if nosy ol’ Marie is the one to do the deed. One requirement though: She has to kill him by force-feeding enough purple Viagra pills to knock Walt unconscious before stopping circulation with a purple chloroform rag and leaving him behind in a bed of poisonous purple flowers.

3%-Walt Jr.

I think that literally the only way the show could end with Walt Jr. killing his father is if he finds out everything and resorts to beating Walt to death with fried eggs and really crispy bacon. But, hey, it could happen. Flynn doesn’t exactly have a Luke Skywalker-feel to him, though.

2.5%-Saul Goodman

Everyone knows Saul Goodman is way too much of a wimp to do this himself, but he could always have his big fat henchman take care of it for him. That would count, right? But it also seems like it would be a perfect ending if the show’s funniest character was the one who was forced to (very) dramatically kill Walt. Irony at its finest, right? (No, I’m not grasping for straws.)


To be honest, the odds of Holly killing Walt are probably higher than Saul Goodman’s. I don’t know how it would happen, but I think if Vince Gilligan came up with a realistic way to have Holly kill Walt, Breaking Bad would solidify itself as my favorite show of all time.

Who do you think will kill Walt? Why? How will it happen? So many questions! Comment below with your answers.

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