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McConaughey Confirms Lead Role in New Nolan Film

by on April 3, 2013

By Taylor Gaines

Matthew McConaughey has made it clear that he will be leading the acting cast of Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film “Interstellar.”

After reports last week that McConaughey had been offered the role, the Star Tribune verified with McConaughey himself that he will be taking the lead in one of the biggest Hollywood films of 2014.

“I’m confirming,” he told the Star Tribune when pressed on the issue.

This is typical of a Nolan film because he will try to limit the flow of information to the public for as long as possible before the movie comes out. However, confirmation from McConaughey is exciting news for the project.

Anthony Coman, a doctoral student in film at the University of Florida, exchanged email exclusively with Citizen Gaines about the subject.

“McConaughey is an interesting choice,” he said. “He is marketable in romance films, dramas and action, so he is a good casting choice. I’ve never been impressed with his acting, but I’m always open to open to surprise performances from pigeon-holed performers.”

Coman thinks it provides an interesting contrast to actors Nolan has casted in the past.

“Although I respect Christian Bale, I’ve never enjoyed his take on Batman,” he said. “For McConaughey I feel the opposite: I’m not impressed with his acting, but I am willing to be surprised by his work with Nolan.”

Certainly, McConaughey seems an interesting choice, especially since Nolan often works with actors he’s familiar with in his films.

Coman is especially excited to see Nolan write and direct a non-franchise movie after his Batman trilogy.

“In general, my opinion of Nolan has decreased with his work on the Batman franchise,” he said. “Hearing about his upcoming time-travel film, my interest is peaked.”

Filming for “Interstellar,” set to open November 7, 2014, will begin this summer.

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